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Thai Introductions Marriage Agency

What To Expect From Our Thai Marriage Service

You will be met here in Thailand at Bangkok International Airport by one of our staff and transferred to Udon Thani by a 45 minute domestic flight at our expense, then by taxi to your hotel here in Udon.

After a good night's rest, or whenever you are ready to begin your search for your perfect Thai wife, we will collect you from your hotel and  bring you to our office for introduction to the ladies on your short list.

Our translator will be present to assist the conversation between you and your chosen Thai ladies for you to decide who you would like to become your Thai girlfriend.

The meeting should be seen as a fairly relaxed, informal affair, Thais tend be at their best when they perceive things to be happy, especially not under pressure. Try to keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible during the introduction process.

It is up to the two of you to decide how the meeting for your potential bride works out.

Once you have decided on one of the Thai ladies you can get to know her more - maybe go out for a meal together (western food or perhaps sampling the local Thai food) or visit a tourist venue, where if all goes well your lady can be perceived by others as your girlfriend. This is normally with our translator who can act as a chaperone.

Thai ladies are naturally very shy when it comes to new relationships, it is traditional for the man to take the lead and it is quite accepted for a girl to bring a Thai girlfriend of her own along to the first few meetings, so the presence of a chaperone is quite normal.

You will need time to get to get to know your new girlfriend. One thing experience has taught us is the old saying “married in haste, repent at leisure” is very true. If only for this reason we would strongly recommend that once you feel you have found the right Thai girlfriend you would be well advised to go back home on your own, in order to give you and your new girlfriend time to think things over.

If you both stay in touch with each other and are happy with the situation, then return a few months later to Thailand to meet your girlfriend again, maybe with a more permanent idea of getting together, possibly marriage with a Thai wife.