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Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Love & Romance
- A Thai Wife With Thai Introductions Marriage Agency



Why would I choose Thai Introductions to find a Thai wife?

We are legitimate registered Thai company. Our business is exclusively introduction with gentlemen to Thai girls & ladies. Our trained staff are here to assist you with the same goal.



What’s different about your service compared to others?

We are located here in Thailand, our marriage agency is the service we offer.
We live and work here permanently – for the past eight years to be precise. In our office you can look through our records of Thai ladies seeking romance in order to find your future wife for a happy marriage.


What makes you unique in finding me a Thai wife?

Simply because we offer a human face to the maze of ever-increasing internet chatrooms, dating websites, marriage agencies some of which are unfortunately interested in making a quick buck without having met anyone personally. We will introduce you face to face – not like some Thai girlfriend websites which only sell email addresses and sadly have nothing to do with romance or finding a Thai girlfriend looking for marriage.
When you come to Thailand with Thai Introductions, we meet you, take care of you and offer the best advice possible for your individual circumstances.


 Are your fees expensive?

Not at all - as they say - you get the service you pay for, see our cost page. As we have mentioned before, there are other cheaper agencies that will give you pictures and contact addresses of Thai ladies and then leave it up to you to find your own way through the maze.


What type of Thai ladies do you enroll?

We ensure that we are satisfied with the personality and background of all our ladies once they have had an introduction to us. We do spend some considerable time and effort checking them and their personal history. We require them to provide not only documentary proof of Thai identity, but where they are registered as living, their marital status and educational qualifications. Also we only enroll Thai girls who are seriously looking to become a bride in marriage for the right reasons.


I've read the additional information on your pages about the girls. Where does this come from?

All the details you read comes from the girls themselves. We gain this we when we talk to the girls about their hopes, their dreams, what they are looking for in their ideal man. Every word of this (translated of course) comes from the girls. Unlike some websites, we don't have someone writing a fairy story about the girl's past, or how poor she is, or she is an orphan!
If you've read it, rest assured, it has come directly from the girl's mouth.

  Will it be difficult for me to communicate with my chosen ladies?

If the Thai ladies you meet can only speak very limited English, we have our Thai staff available to assist with translation to help your girlfriend. Our English office manager can also assist with this too, having been learning Thai at college for the past five years (and still learning!)


Can you help arrange a flight and an inexpensive hotel?

Yes, and we charge no commission for this service once you have registered and committed yourself to finding the love of your life with a Thai girlfriend.
We will meet you at Bangkok International Airport and transfer you here to Udon Thani at our expense on a 45 minute flight - quite often faster than getting into the centre of Bangkok in the rush hour and the Thai heat!
We’re here to help you find romance every step of the way.


What is the average client's stay in Thailand to find a Thai wife?

Most of our clients tend to stay here about two weeks which is usually enough to have an introduction to their perfect match then get to know their Thai girlfriend better and discuss the chance of the girl becoming a bride in marriage.


When I feel I have met my ideal match what happens next?

We usually suggest that the two of spend time together. This is not only to let you and your Thai girlfriend get to know each other, but also that you both feel certain that you want to take your new found friendship further on the road to marriage.


What sort of qualities do I need to find my ideal Thai wife?

In order to have a relationship with love, romance and affection, it is important to have a stable, caring personality and also to be genuine & sincere. These are important qualities a Thai girlfriend looks for.


What’s my next step?

email us and we’ll contact you to find romance with a Thai girlfriend!


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